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We write a lot about loft, industrial style in interiors. This is not only our passion, but also our daily work…. Immersed in the subject for years, we help create modern – contemporary lofts by offering you more than just basic advice. We also design entire spaces of lovers of old factories. We constantly provide inspiration – we analyze the needs and possibilities by discussing them with customers – we help in the selection of elements (walls and doors, industrial furniture, loft shelving), to finally equip them according to expectations. We are happy to share the fruitful results of our cooperation with you….

Our Red Barn interior design

About style in a nutshell

Loft style interiors are distinctive! Anyone, usually at the very first glance, is able to recognize them. Heavily graphic, rather austere and “naughty” spaces of usually large size, full of light or, on the contrary, somewhat mysterious… Furnished with old or stylized furniture, metal, wood and leather accessories, usually devoid of flashy and distinctive colors, accompanied by old brick or raw concrete have their own unique atmosphere. It is the one that usually captivates us with its simplicity, freedom, and accessibility on any budget. He opposes the ordered rules of order, the splendor of costumed decorations and the chaos of jarring colors…. However, it is not extremely frugal, poor in form. So we are eager to use it.

Not surprisingly, one of the most popular choices among our furniture offerings is the Grid Frame collection of steel loft bookcases and shelves.

“Hold the frame!”

Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, as well as custom-designed to measure structures, made entirely of metal, they fit in perfectly with the trends. At the same time, they provide unlimited design possibilities, high functionality and, most importantly, durability for years to come! Universal timelessness is also one of the secrets of the style in question….

A black loft bookcase can be more than just a decoration. Arranged in the interior of a living room or study, a composition of several of its pieces will be perfect for… library. It will not only accommodate the entire collection of books, it will also expose family heirlooms, trinkets with which we are particularly connected. For this, there are no worries that a high-quality (and justifiably heavy) steel rack will succumb under the weight of full shelves, toppling over. Placed against a wall, it can be further anchored and secured in it. Also, at any time, this layout can be furthermore freely modified, separated – shelves spaced or moved to other locations! There is definitely no shortage of ideas and inspiration.

Properly prepared industrial style bookcase can itself act as an attractive divider, an openwork division of space into seemingly separate interiors with different functions. This is because on one side of it we can prepare, for example, a dining room, while on the other side we will be left with a slightly obscured kitchen or a separate typically leisure area of the living room. Users using them at the same time will not interfere with each other, but will remain close, within sight ready to interact. Effectively and efficiently!

Such a solution will work not only at home. It will also be noteworthy in the case of office interior design, where there is an increasing move away from unintimate, uncomfortable working conditions to open-space forums. Large-format – including just loft – spaces functionally divided into “offices” of successive employees will emphasize the adopted style. They will also enable convenient storage and, most importantly, provide the necessary minimum of privacy. After all, there is not always a separate room available where you can have a less formal conversation, have a meal or allow yourself a break… Do you have similar experiences?
Thanks to solutions such as Grid Frame – it is therefore possible to cope confidently with such shortcomings of the stagnant architecture. If necessary, spontaneously “remodel” it. A loft bookcase is always “affordable”!

There is no shortage of ideas

Other solutions using smaller – standing or hanging – industrial style shelves can be found in modern kitchens. Sometimes they replace traditional top cabinets mounted on the wall as standard. At other times, suspended from the ceiling in the form of a light “built-in” hood, and in the form of a helper, they add lightness to the interior by providing not only access to more shelves. Here they act as an interesting decoration, a place to store cookbooks or herbs that are “at hand” during cooking… Nothing surprising here, this type of proposals are commonly used in the kitchens of catering establishments. It is the functional work space that matters (besides the taste and efficiency of the boss) the most in a restaurant! Let’s not forget about the interesting arrangements of the bars themselves, which attract our eyes not only with the intriguing contents of the glass… Properly designed they can make a truly spectacular impression! If something works commercially, why couldn’t it exist at home? So let’s not be afraid to experiment, to peep, to use proven ideas. Sometimes the simplest solutions are also the best ones, right?

Another example is the use of loft buildings in a teenager’s room. What do you think? Versatile, mobile, yet sturdy and roomy. Composed of matched in size, depth or color, the composition will really endure a lot… Full or openwork – made of mesh, or glass in frames – fronts will obscure, enclose selected secrets of the interior. They will also hide and protect not always perfectly folded clothes… The all-metal ones will also prove useful as a gadget in the form of magnetic boards, and in case of a tantrum… they will remain unmoved, or stylishly outlined… always with character!

Show up, share!

More examples with practical applications of bookcases, shelves, loft consoles and other similar items could be multiplied indeed! It is entirely up to us and our ingenuity where and how we use them. So we are curious to know how you would apply them at your place? We have already received some photos, we are still waiting for more! Do you have any of our industrial loft furniture, doors or bookcase? Show them to us! We will share them on our website and in the socialmedia space….

See you there!

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to see more of our products in an arrangement drop by our social media – Facebook and Instagram .

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