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Custom industrial furniture can be a great option when arranging the interior of your home office, especially if you dream of creating a space with a unique character. Industrial, loft style is an excellent option for all those who appreciate the rawness and charm of modern minimalism – both in terms of form and specific function….

The combination of these two styles in the interior design of a home office will certainly help prepare an original place for work and creative pursuits. This is nothing too difficult, especially if you prepare the space according to your own taste, want to ensure comfort and, above all, optimal working conditions. It really is possible to work in the comfort of your own home, as we had the opportunity to see quite recently…. A separate room or just a small dedicated workspace? Kitchen table, glamour dressing table or loft desk? It doesn’t matter much! After all, the global pandemic locked us inside four walls for months. During this time, we reevaluated not only the relationships we had with those around us… The conditions of daily life in the face of danger also forced us to acquire new habits, to cope alone in the here and now… Very often also in the professional sphere.

How to create a home office?

So, sharing our experience, we have some tips for you that are sure to help you create your own home office with truly satisfying results:

  1. Colors and finishes: the loft style is dominated by natural colors – grays, browns and beiges – less often by pastels or heavily saturated colors that contrast with the surroundings. Above all, neutral backgrounds – floors and walls – work well here, as they emphasize the rawness of industrial furniture. So to enhance the character of the style, leave exposed bricks or raw concrete in the interior… cracks and other imperfections. It’s really worth it. You will appreciate the effect at the end!
    However, if such a solution is unacceptable to you – look for an interesting wallpaper pattern! These are back in favor and triumphs regardless of the style of arrangement!
  2. Custom and standard industrial furniture: a key element of the industrial style is furniture made of metal and wood, often with visible structural components. Handmade! Traces of welding, grinding, rivets and other such features highlight the unique character of the equipment. Want to hit the mark with a stylish design, choose a loft desk and bookcase with metal frames or pipes, which will blend perfectly with the loft aesthetic. Introduce wooden countertops and shelves into your study to add warmth and ambience to the space. Obligatory look at our site, pay special attention to the furniture from the Isola Loft collection! Here you may also be inspired by the Grid Frame steel shelving collection – to choose from, to color… because and customized! Instead of a traditional filing cabinet, insert a steel and glass loft display case, which will also store the most important things in the study. However, it will not disrupt the home’s order and harmony, and when it turns out not to be roomy enough, it will change its location, ending up in the dining room or teenager’s room….
  3. Lighting: use lighting to create an atmosphere in the office. An industrial lamp on a long extension arm or Edison-style bulbs is certainly a great idea! Old oil lamps, other metal lanterns or candlesticks that you can make yourself will also work well as decoration… A small form, a bit of modeling plaster, a little time and a pinch of patience… on top of that, great fun, creatively spent time and often amazing results.
  4. Loft accents: take care of the decorative elements that will emphasize the loft character in the home office. Here you can use, for example, a sizable map of the world by hanging it on the wall, or incorporating it into a desk top. An old typewriter, original posters with retro motifs, old crates or pallets – will also effectively build the mood of the interior in your favorite style!
  5. A comfortable place to relax: if space allows, you can also create a small lounge area in your home office with the use of custom industrial furniture! Choose comfortable armchairs or a vintage-style sofa for it – they will allow you to take a moment to relax, read or meet in comfort… with clients, of course. You are certainly familiar with the Chesterfieldstyle lounge collections…?
  6. Greenery and plants: adding them to the interior of a home office will make it more welcoming. Not only will its overall atmosphere improve, the humidity will also change, the air will be cleaned of unwanted volatile toxins, dust will not reach quickly as before. Choose species that grow well indoors, such as succulents or ferns – they fit perfectly into the industrial-loft style and are not overly demanding to grow and care for. The combination of green and black always works!

Taking our advice into consideration, remember that the most important thing is that the interior design of your home office should meet your individual needs… It is you who should feel comfortable in your own space. Industrial and loft style provides plenty of opportunities for creative experimentation, creating places that are not only inspiring but functional above all.

Have fun with design and enjoy a new and unique office in your home! Ask – we will give you a hint!

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