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sliding door
Important information
Due to the weight of the product, we do not take responsibility for products attached to type walls:
With an irregular shape of the wall - we recommend that you use materials that level the curvature.
  • Regypsum walls without reinforcement at rail height,
  • In a hollow space (regips board alone, OSB),
  • Walls with visible corrosion.
Remember! The rail must be twice the width of the door.
How to measure
And the installation of sliding doors?
Determine the height and width of the door opening first
Add to the width a minimum of 2 cm on each side

(so that the door leaf covers the opening)

Add to the height a minimum of 1 cm

Remember the minimum distance of the door opening from the wall and the ceiling:

If the door opening is right next to the wall, the distance may be 0 cm

(add only 2 cm in this situation to cover the gaps)

From ceiling to top edge

minimum 14 cm at the lowest available
in our roller system assortment
(roller systems are up to 20 cm high)
7 cm with Slide system

Measure the height of the door leaf delivered with the order

It is necessary to measure the height , where the holes for the screws of the sliding system should be located. Measure how much the height of the door leaf is and add 4.5 cm to it – at this height the openings should be located.

Add 4.5 cm to the measured height
At this height, we draw a line so that we can mark out the screw holes
Deselect the points for mounting screws

(the first screw 10 cm from the beginning of the rail the next in a row every 45 cm)

On the measured height, mark the points where the holes should be located. The first screws should be 10 cm from the beginning of the rail on each side. Each successive one at a distance of 45 cm from the previous one. The number of mounting holes varies depending on the width of the door leaf.

Drill holes for pins and screws at the previously marked locations

(dowels and screws included)

Once the holes are drilled, we can place the dowels in them
Apply stoppers to the rail

(they are supposed to be loose, so that we can determine the point more or less to which the door should arrive)

Adjust the stop even before screwing the rail to the wall so that you have the possibility of adjustment. The stopper can be placed even at the edge of the rail, it prevents the door from falling out of the track.

Mount the rail to the wall

Remembering to place distances between the wall and the rail. The distance must be where the dowel is so that the screw we are going to screw in will hold it.

Install rollers on the door

Install the rollers of the sliding system on the door. In the case of loft doors, the threads have been prepared in the steel structure for convenience, in other types of doors you can mount the rollers at your convenience.

Hang the door on the rail at an angle of about 30 degrees

Put the door with rollers on the rail at an angle of about 30 degrees. Then adjust the location of the floor guide. Remember to make sure the door slides freely on it.

Install the Floor Guide in place at the outer edge of the door opening
Slide the door leaf onto the Floor Guide
Tighten the stopwatches in the appropriate places for us

After attaching and fitting into the guide, we can determine the position of the stopwatch and lock it in place by tightening the mounting screws located in the stopwatch.

Measurement and installation instructions
Download PDF file with instructions for sliding doors
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