ELIPSE coffee table


The coffee table from the ELIPSE collection made of oak wood will perfectly find its place in the dining room, living room or office! They fit perfectly into large spaces, especially industrial interiors.

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The coffee table from the ELIPSE collection is the most solid table in our offer. Oak tables available in the form of dining tables and coffee tables!

The table top is perfectly protected with a coating of American tung oil, the oiling of which emphasizes the unique grain of oak wood. The solid wood table has an oval outer edge, made with a so-called joint. V-groove between the boards, which gives it a unique and unique character. Ideal for large LOFT interiors at home, office, dining room, living room and other rooms.

Technical data of the tabletop:

  • Length:
    1000 mm

  • Width
    : 500 mm

  • Color:
  • Thickness: 40mm
  • Board width: Ok. 16 – 17 cm

Technical data of the substructure:

  • Height:
    515 mm

  • Width:
    800 mm

  • Closed steel profile leg construction:
    20 x 40 mm

  • Colour:
    selectable (black/steel)