Oak sliding doors LIVE EDGE PREMIUM


LIVE EDGE wooden sliding doors are a hand-made single-leaf door design. Door leaf available in three color variants!

The charm of order fulfillment: 8-10 weeks


LIVE EDGE PREMIUM sliding wooden doors are a great solution for industrial, vintage interiors, as well as those that focus on original and creative solutions. Wooden doors may slightly differ from the model presented in the offer, because nature gives each piece of wood different details. Thanks to this, each door is unique, unique and original. The door looks as if it was cut from a tree trunk in one piece. They owe their originality to various natural protrusions in the tree trunk – and steel fittings add charm.


All our LIVE EDGE doors are made by hand, so you can be sure that an identical model will never appear in any other interior. When creating doors, we take care of every, even the smallest detail. The wood from which we create our doors is also selected with great care. We focus on good quality wood and make sure that the whole looks attractive and unique.

Door leaf available in three color variants:
– Natural oak – oiled – wood surface protected with colorless oil based on natural ingredients
– Brown oak – oil stain – give the wood surface a dark, brown color using brown stain
– Oak WHISKEY – wood surface protected with Martell oil, which gives a ruddy, honey color

Product features:

  • Made of real oak wood with a natural Live Edge tree line
  • Polished and double-waxed
  • Durable and robust


Door leaf thickness : 3 cm Material: Solid oak wood (oiled) with steel elements

Height: selectable

Width: selectable

Weight: about 60 kg

* LIVE EDGE wooden sliding doors are sold without a sliding system and handle included! Do you want to order a door with a sliding system? Check out our systems and choose the one that suits you best. In addition, choose a grip for your wing – HERE! When ordering, please inform us about the width of the door leaf. We will try to properly match the sliding system you choose to it.


LIVE EDGE single-leaf doors can be made as a double-leaf door. At the point of contact of the door, we create natural curves, which after joining both leaves adhere perfectly to each other.


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