Sliding door with fixed wall LOFT FRENCH 300cm x 250cm


LOFT French are exceptional quality products made of real steel and safety glass. Resistant to distortion, temperature fluctuations and covered with a transparent rust-resistant coating. Classic and timeless, ideal for the home, office or restaurant.

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The LOFT FRENCH sliding door with a fixed wall 300cm x 250cm is the perfect solution to add elegance and functionality to your interior. The presented offer presents sliding doors with a fixed wall with clear glass.

Emphasize the unique character of your interior and add modernity to it, thanks to our swing doors. Open your rooms to the light and create beautiful arrangements that will delight everyone who visits your interiors!

Sliding doors are made of high quality steel and safety glass, thanks to which the product is extremely durable and stable. Glass placed on a steel structure lets a lot of natural light into the room, and at the same time guarantees a bit of privacy. Depending on the preferences and needs of the user, we offer many variants of glazing, such as: mirror, colorless, milky, reinforced glass or corrugated glass.

Product Features:
  • Powder-coated surface
  • Resistant to distortion and temperature fluctuations
  • Resistant to rot, fungal attack, UV radiation and ozone


The LOFT FRENCH 300cm x 250cm fixed wall sliding door is made of extremely durable laminated safety glass, resistant to cracks and all kinds of damage. When personalizing the wall, the customer can choose one of six types of glass:

  • mirror – mirrored glass, impermeable to light;
  • colourless glass – glass transparent on both sides, transmitting light;
  • frosted glass – opaque glass, easy to clean and translucent;
  • reinforced glass – transparent glass with a metal mesh embedded inside, allowing light to pass through;
  • corrugated glass – transparent ribbed glass, transmitting light;
  • smoked glass – black glass on both sides, impermeable to light.


Technical data of the product from the offer:

  • Door leaf width: 151.5 cm
  • Door leaf height: 241cm cm
  • Fixed wall width: 151.5 cm
  • Fixed wall height: 241cm
  • Height of the sliding system with SLIDE grille: 8cm
  • Total height for the door opening: 230cm
  • Total width for the door opening: 300cm
  • Colour: Black ( RAL9005)
  • Clear glass made of laminated glass VSG 33.1
  • Muntins made of 15mm x 15mm profile (on both sides)
  • Door exterior frame profile: 40mm x 20mm
  • Sliding system BASIC LOFT (200cm)


The LOFT FRENCH sliding door with a fixed wall 300cm x 250cm is the perfect solution for those who are looking for a modern and functional product for their interior. If you like our product, but the dimensions or the ones given in the offer do not suit you – contact us via the contact form. In the message, attach a link to the product and information about the dimensions you expect. We will prepare a free quote for you.

Sliding doors are easy to install! INSPECT and assemble with our assembly instructions. It is possible to order an additional mounting option. Contact us!

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