Brick wall tile HISTORYC DESIGN H3


Wall tiles from the HISTORIC series – a face made of nineteenth-century brick with unique properties that allow them to be used indoors and as a façade finish outside the building – authentic patterns, easy installation of tiles, protected surface to reduce dirt and moisture.

Lead time: 1-2 weeks

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Brick wall tile HISTORYC DESIGN H3

Tiles made of nineteenth-century bricks: the unique character of an old wall! Our tiles made of old bricks from the 19th century are the perfect solution to add originality and authenticity to your interior. Thanks to the use of a mixture of tiles of different lengths, you will get a unique effect of an old, damaged wall, which will perfectly fit into both classic and industrial arrangements. A characteristic feature of our product is the effect of an old wall, which adds a unique charm to the space. Each tile is unique, so the end result is always unique. Depending on the batch, the tiles may vary in color, size, and have different mortar residues, chips, and other details. Discover the extraordinary history and character of our 19th-century brick tiles now!


Tile color: light red

Dimensions: approx. 5 – 20 cm / 6.5 -7 cm / 2 cm

Weight: approx. 24kg/m²


Packing: in cardboard boxes of 0.5 m² – sent on a pallet up to 30m²!

The price given is for the purchase of 1m² (1 piece = 1m² calculated with 1cm grout).