MARRAKESCH PATINA GOLD low post chest of drawers


Doors and furniture from the MARRAKESCH collection are original openwork designs placed on solid steel products. Ideal for those who appreciate art and original design.

Lead time: 8-10 weeks


MARRAKESCH PATINA GOLD low post chest of drawers – A unique combination of glass and steel in the form of a loft small display case will attract the attention of every guest in your home. Cabinet It is equipped with a door with decorative panels and a steel, full door in the lower part, which is additionally equipped with a magnetic lock holder. For a stable construction, we use the best quality steel, which is resistant to dents.

The main accent of the MARRAKESCH PATINA GOLD cabinet is the laser-cut floral pattern, which will bring a touch of uniqueness to your interior. Ideal for people who, in addition to functionality, equally value art and visually appealing interiors. The unusual design of the openwork cabinet will attract the attention of all your guests, and thanks to the high quality of workmanship, it will serve you for many years of intensive use.
The low post chest of drawers
from the PATINA GOLD collection also has an extremely resistant to cracks and damage – VSG laminated safety glass with a thickness of approx. 7 mm. Thanks to this, you can be sure that you are buying a product that stands out not only for its design, but above all for its solid workmanship from high-quality materials. The MARRAKESCH PATINA GOLD low post chest of drawers is first and foremost our original design, which brings style and elegance to every home.

The MARRAKESCH PATINA GOLD collection is distinguished by its original patina colour combined with hand-made gold decoration. Original and unique furniture from this collection is also available in other models HERE!

Product features:
  • Outer frame made of steel profile 20 x 20 mm
  • Magnetic lock with handle
  • Openwork rosette motif cut by laser – complemented by VSG glass
  • Colour: RAL6000 antiqued patina + painted gold accents
  • Powder coated
  • Shelves made of pine wood
  • 2 hinged shelves behind the door made of steel and glass
  • Overall dimensions:
    • Total height: 95 cm (with legs) / 85 cm (without feet)
    • Total width: 50 cm
    • Total depth: 40 cm
  • Dimensions of the upper part:
    • Total door thickness: 1.5 cm
    • Door height: 41.4 cm
    • Door width: 46 cm
    • Shelf thickness: 1.7 cm
    • Shelf width: 50 cm
    • Shelf depth: 40 cm
    • Shelf height: 41.4 cm
  • Bottom part dimensions:
    • Total door thickness: 1.5 cm
    • Door height: 37.6 cm
    • Door width: 46 cm
    • Cabinet compartment height: 38.2 cm
    • Cabinet compartment width: 50 cm
    • Cabinet shelf depth: 40 cm
  • Furniture feet:
    • Height: 10cm
    • Width: 10cm

The entire MARRAKESCH PATINA GOLD collection is made of durable laminated safety glass, resistant to breakage as well as any kind of damage. It is possible to order a display case in other variants of glass on individual order:

  • mirror – mirrored glass, impermeable to light;
  • milk glass – opaque glass, easy to clean and permeable to light;
  • reinforced glass – transparent glass with a metal mesh embedded inside, allowing light to pass through;
  • NEW! Smoked glass – black glass on both sides, impermeable to light.

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