MDF sliding doors – LEGNO BASIC


Sliding doors made of MDF – LEGNO Basic is a combination of the best quality materials and solid workmanship. For many years we have been cooperating with the INTERSTEEL brand, which provides us with sliding systems and other accessories for doors and furniture. Currently, our offer also includes doors of this brand made of MDF. They are a cheaper, but equally good alternative to wooden doors from our offer.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

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Sliding doors made of MDF – LEGNO Basic by INTERSTEEL, unlike our wooden sliding doors, are made of MDF and primed in white. The door leaf has a narrow groove for the floor chain and the BASIC sliding system, which you can learn more about at the bottom of the advertisement. INTERSTEEL doors are precise workmanship with universal application. They are perfect for a residential building, but also for office spaces.


Sliding doors made of MDF – LEGNO Basic will fit into the interior decorated in industrial and vintage style. This collection is also an ideal proposition for all those who focus on classic interior design solutions, which, regardless of current trends, will always be “up to date”. INTERSTEEL doors are also a cheaper alternative to our hand-made products made of solid oak wood. If you are a lover of minimalist style, sliding doors made of MDF – LEGNO Basic will certainly meet your requirements.


Product features:
  • With BASIC sliding set included
  • Made of MDF
  • Relatively light compared to wooden doors
  • In white color


Door leaf thickness : 3.8 cm Material: MDF, steel

Height: 211,5 cm

Width: 93 cm

Weight: ca. 29 kg

*Includes door handle and leaf and BASIC sliding system.

  • BASIC is a sliding system model that is ideally suited to interiors decorated in a minimalist style. The BASIC model with a black finish is powder coated and consists of two rails with a length of 100 cm each. The set also includes two straight rods with a length of 29 cm. On the one hand, they are attached to the door, and on the other – to the rail.


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