Single-leaf sliding doors LOFT MOD 01


LOFT Mod These are exceptional quality products made of steel and safety glass. Resistant to distortion, temperature fluctuations and powder coated. Classic, timeless and designed for self-assembly.

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

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Steel interior doors LOFT Mod 01 is one of our classic models of single-leaf sliding doors. The glass pane was divided by steel muntin bars on 6 identical surfaces, thus creating a unique product with a stable structure. Precise design sliding doors make our LOFT Mod doors fit into both industrial and modern rooms.

The LOFT Mod collection, unlike the sliding doors from the LOFT French collection, is characterized by muntin bars made of steel flat bars with a thickness of 2 mm. Steel interior doors from the LOFT Mod collection have a simple mounting system, which means that they are designed for self-assembly.


Products from the LOFT Mod collection It is a combination of style and ergonomics that will perfectly fit into every home and office interior. All our products are handmade with attention to every detail, even the smallest. Before shipping, we recheck all components, sliding systems and accessories so that you are satisfied with the product that arrives. You can rest assured that the product you order from us will not only be stylish, but above all solidly made using high-quality materials. We go to great lengths to ensure that our doors and furniture are robust and will serve you for many years of intensive use. We focus not only on an aesthetically design, but above all on solid workmanship.

For the production of doors and furniture from the LOFT Mod collection We use layered safety glass. It is characterised by a combination of glass panes, between which a special shatterproof film is inserted. If the glass breaks, it does not spill onto the floor, but remains in place in one piece.

Product features:
  • Muntins made of flat steel profile with a thickness of 2 mm
  • Powder-coated surface
  • Resistant to distortion and temperature fluctuations


All our doors from the LOFT Mod collection can be made in any color from the RAL palette. It will certainly be great for original interiors geared towards a colourful and unique finish. The doors are powder-coated, in black (RAL9005) by default. Do you like a different colour? Let us know when you place your order.

* Colour other than black is charged extra


The entire LOFT Mod collection is made of extremely durable laminated safety glass, resistant to cracks and all kinds of damage. When personalising the sliding doors, the customer has a choice of one of six types of glass:

  • mirror – mirrored glass, impermeable to light;
  • clear glass – light-transparent glass on both sides;
  • milk glass – opaque glass, easy to clean and permeable to light;
  • reinforced glass – transparent glass with a metal mesh embedded inside, allowing light to pass through;
  • Fluted glass – translucent striated transparent glass;
  • Smoked glass – black glass on both sides, impermeable to light.


Want to see how the different types of glass look? Go to ourInstagram and click on the highlighted ‘Samplers’ story.

The set includes:
  • Door leaf
  • Powder-coated sliding system, mounted to the wall and has wheels with a diameter of 90 mm
  • Door handle


* Product without wall fasteners!

Door leaf thickness: 3.2cm Material: Steel & Glass

* The height of the sliding door applies to the door leaf only!

* Product weight depends on door size. Can take 25-30 kg/m²

If you like our doors from this collection, but the dimensions given in the offer do not suit you – contact us through the contact form. Include in your message a link to the product and information on the dimensions you expect. We will endeavour to create a door to the dimensions of your interior.


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