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The basis of our activities are realizations based on loft-style glazing – walls, doors, other elements of steel and glass structures. The obvious, oft-repeated argument is their high quality. However, this one is expressed not only through the properly selected materials used in their production. The visual side, the decorative effect proposed for the interior, is also an important consideration. Loft doors made to measure – that’s us!

Customized loft doors

On offer Strongroom we have customized sliding doors , swinging and also swinging doors – solid, massive with original surface finish – from traditional powder coated, through decorative effects such as thins, patina or rust! Complemented with elements of natural solid wood, strong hardware (sliding systems, handles, accessories) fit perfectly into the raw style of industrial interiors, emphasize the characteristic elements of their architecture. They continue to delight!

Visually light, decidedly versatile and loved by our customers – doors from the Loft French collection – are conquering interiors not only in loft style… They are also increasingly appearing in eclectic arrangements combining boho style, Scandinavian elements, vintage… Not to mention ultra-modern spaces! To them they introduce not only a simple form, but very often also bold colors. And it is along this line – from golden yellows – and referring directly to motifs taken directly from Nature – that we share our new design….


HoneyComb is a modern loft door solution for those who are not afraid to express their ideas in a direct way! In their choice, they are primarily guided by original taste, they decide on solutions different from all others… and they associate the original honeycomb pattern not only with the immortal hexagon! Indeed, this motif is a popular and recognizable one in both art and culture in general. It has a long history and is often used in various artistic fields, from architecture and design to painting, sculpture, graphics or fashion… It expresses regular division, symmetry, and is a symbol of harmony, efficiency, precision and cooperation in the world. Its presence in art and culture often refers to an appreciation and admiration of the natural beauty and complexity found precisely in the nature around us.

In architecture, the honeycomb is also a popular ornamental motif associated, however, also with sustainable and environmentally friendly values… In traditional HoneyComb loft doors could certainly refer to the old art of stained glass… Yes, the decorative division of the glazing, the light effects of sun rays passing through the door creating a unique atmosphere… Delightful!

Here, however, created thanks to modern technology, the sliding glass doors from Strongroom’s latest collection are an alternative to the widely available solutions on the market… They are definitely different from the catalog offerings of almost every manufacturer, right?

Most importantly, the regular hexagon fits perfectly into a variety of interior styles, from industrial lofts to minimalist modern spaces. Thanks to our attention to detail, we are confident that our loft doors to size will therefore provide not only the right aesthetics, but also durability and functionality for years to come….

If you’re looking for inspiration or want to see more of our products in an arrangement drop by our social media – Facebook and Instagram .

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