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Wooden doors with epoxy resin are a perfect combination of the natural beauty of wood and modern technology. This solution offers not only an aesthetic appearance, but also exceptional durability and strength.

The wood we use for production is subject to appropriate selection, which we have already mentioned many times. Thanks to this type of treatment, we are able to provide our customers with unique products, not only with high decorative values, but above all with the characteristic features of the natural material. Properly prepared – seasoned – wood is subjected to a special impregnation and finishing process to increase its resistance to external factors. Epoxy resin is also introduced in bold projects as our response to the search for original furniture combining tradition and modern technology…

Epoxy resin is a material with unique properties. It is relatively durable, scratch-resistant and easy to keep clean. It provides resistance to moisture, which is especially important in the case of furniture exposed to spills. Who among us hasn’t spilled coffee or tea on the table at least once? Liquid is one thing, but what about dyeing? Luckily, everything is under control. In the case of resin finishing, we do not have to (and even should not!) use any strong detergents or agents containing abrasive material. These can effectively damage the surface, destroy the effect, when the maintenance of such a piece of furniture usually requires only ongoing, delicate care… Nothing more! Importantly, the resin creates a transparent coating that also emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood by enhancing its tone, pattern and texture – of course, when the selected element requires us to completely immerse it in the mass. In the Strongroom offer, an example of this can be the impressive top of the Vela Luka table. But that’s not all! When epoxy becomes an additive, a decorative element of a resin table or resin door, we offer many other solutions, among which everyone will find something for their interior…

Wooden doors with epoxy resin – just like tables – are therefore just as durable. Thanks to their construction based on solid wood and the use of high-quality materials, they are resistant to deformation and mechanical damage. They can serve for many years, retaining their original quality and original charm. This is important, also for ecological reasons. After all, once obtained, the equipment prepared from it can be renovated many times, subjected to metamorphoses without any significant harm to the environment… as well as your wallet!

Both wooden tables with resin as well as doors can have different shapes and sizes, depending on the preferences and needs of the user. However, because we focus on the most natural effects possible, resin appears in our projects primarily as an addition to organic forms. At one time it is a “rushing river” among the fields of the countertop, at another time it is an attractive decoration of the door leaf. It can be opaque or transparent. Coloured or completely colourless. In this situation, we are limited only by our imagination, and each new idea is subject to consideration and consultation with the production department… Thanks to this, it usually turns out that nothing is impossible for us… And not only in relation to individual customer orders, but also typically commercial ones. Wooden doors and tables with resin are successfully used in public spaces, giving a cosy character to a café or restaurant, office space, hotel space, etc.

To sum up, wooden tables and doors with epoxy resin are a perfect combination of the charm of natural material and modern technology. Thanks to them, you can create unique interiors that stand out with their original style, while maintaining elegance in the spirit of local tradition.

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